MAMA CONNECT HUB. . .More than just a gathering

Hi Friends and Family of the Mentor and Mentee African Initiative (MAMA Initiative)! In the last last two (2) months we have been contemplating on how to structure a monthly gathering and eventually in April 2019 we launched out. Yipee!

MAMA CONNECT HUB (Designed to be a leading social-economic gathering of youths were issues around development will be discussed and solution analysed.

“MAMA Connect Hub” is a pet project aimed at discussing relevant socioeconomic issues with the intent of creating enlightenment around the issues and in preparation for future leadership.

Topics are designed to meet the trend, these 60 – 90 minute programs are informative and engaging.  A minimum of 15 days is requested for scheduling sessions to ensure the training date is available and to secure the most qualified facilitators for the selected topic. A minimum of 15 participants and maximum of 35 participants is recommended per session.

Topics are gotten from “Communication skills, Personal development, Business ethics, Behavioral health and wellness and Financial management/education.

In our next blog post we will share with you extracts from our APRIL Edition.

Till then cheers and keep the hopes high!


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